Machine Chaining

For the series production of different batch sizes and product types, optimized material flows are decisive for the cycle times.

In automation, machine chaining (e.g. tool machines) plays an important role. In doing so, a wide range of components must be perfectly synchronized with one another. The success of such an investment is plain to see:

  • Superior productivity resulting from automated workflows.
  • Optimal paths and transfer routes
  • Optimal number of elements to be produced in the manufacturing flow.

Industry 4.0 and flexible production open up new possibilities: depending on the number and installation of the machines, production steps can be alternating or, later on in the production process, individual machines can be removed from the chain e.g. for maintenance purposes.

The materials logistics within the production chain is handled by friction roller conveyors, roller conveyors or in combination with standing or hanging, moving robots.

Starting with support for the optimal layout of your production line, we offer a wide range of services to make your chained production fit for Industry 4.0. Our services encompass:

  • Simulation
  • Full automation
    • Loading/unloading of production cells
    • Supply of priority elements
    • Handling of waste
  • Control of NC machines, management of NC programs
  • Configuration/programming the robots
  • Safety fence concept including fail-safe programming

To provide for process transparency, we offer suitable software solutions to ensure the following:

  • Product retraceability (track/trace)
  • Reporting such as calculation of KPIs (e.g. OEE)
  • Order management, interface to production planning systems such as SAP

Further information on our APE-MES can be found here.