Installation and cabling – all from a single supplier

To ensure fault-free production processes, machines, robots and conveyors etc. must be precisely assembled and synchronized with one another. To ensure all works according to the original plans, we’ll wire up the individual machines, connect them with suitable control technology (component cabinet), install sensors and actuators and configure everything for you. After that, the electrical and electronics installation is tested and logged.

Summary of our services

  • Sourcing of the installation materials (e.g. cables, connection elements)
  • Cable duct assembly
  • Laying and connection of the feed lines
  • System networking (Profinet, Profibus, Interbus, ASI etc.)
  • Installation of the individual components in accordance with the hardware plans
  • Safety technology
  • Go live support
  • System dismantling and reassembly (also worldwide)
  • Retrofitting directly on the customer’s premises.