Tailor-made production management - transparent, flexible, efficient

Nowadays, lean production, flexibility and cost efficiency are the keys to state-of-the-art, competitive production.
In order to safeguard these attributes, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have become indispensable for the manufacturing industry.
Transparent production processes enable APE customers to significantly boost quality within their businesses.
Here APE offers a tailor-made MES solution for your company, irrespective of your industrial sector.

Added value for your company

  • Increase in the effectiveness of the entire facility
  • Reduction of costs for energy, resources etc.
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Higher level of availability
  • Reduction of overall cost

Focus on your requirements

We ensure that your needs are covered optimally and efficiently at all times.
The key characteristics of the APE-MES solution are its high level of flexibility and customer-specific configurability. This means that you will not obtain a ready-made mass product but a customized solution to suit your individual needs and requirements.
Not only will you optimize your production processes, from human resources or materials management to data acquisition and performance analysis; but you will also work in compliance with the VDI 5600 standard.

Important things always in mind

A „Manufacturing Execution System” (MES) is a manufacturing management system that works in real time.
The APE-MES is used to acquire, process and analyze order, quality, operating and process data in real time for the purpose of planning, quality assurance and documentation of the entire production.