High-performance, flexible and process-driven

ATIS provides a modern system architecture for capturing and processing your data. ATIS is able to access different sources: XML data, an OPC server or a direct point-to-point connection with the PLC. High-performance database software ensures the speed required for converting big data into meaningful analyses in no time at all.


The ATIS Client provides a clearly laid out and intuitive presentation of the data. It can be used to configure diagrams, tables and reports in a flexible manner.

You can add or remove indices from the views by means of drag and drop. For a more detailed analysis, simply zoom into the charts. Individual diagrams can be saved for future analysis, keeping the reports that are useful to you only a mouse click away.
In addition to capturing and visualizing the data in real time, the database also offers the option to analyze process data from previous years and to compare historic data with current trends.

Intuitive handling means quicker understanding

One of the hallmarks of ATIS is its ease of use.
Whether at the plant or in the office: streamlined, intuitive user control is the key factor for fast, reliable results. Wide user acceptance proves it: a few clicks suffice to make your process data transparent, using this solution which was inspired by the Microsoft Office world. No need to get accustomed to something new: the familiar graphical user interface ensures easy navigation.