Examples of use


Presenting weekly production data in a diagram: no problem by means of drag and drop. But what about comparing the individual time trajectories directly? The “multiple x-axes” feature makes it possible. Simply enter the desired time periods to display the trajectories, clearly laid out in a diagram without the need for any additional data preparation.

Ease of use also means easy installation and flexible integration of ATIS into existing IT structures (e.g. terminal server). ATIS runs on commercially available Windows PCs, can be expanded with additional modules and features a license system that is geared towards the customer needs.


Case study 01

Cordenka GmbH & Co. KG

Cordenka is one of the world´s leading producers of industrial rayon.

The yarn is wound onto approximately 3,000 twin spools. The spools are changed manually. The yarn length has to be absolutely uniform. Therefore, it very much comes down to the exact moment of the change.
Following the installation of ATIS, the employees are now automatically notified via mobile end devices when a spool needs to be changed. For more efficient planning and quality assurance, all data and processes are documented and visualized.
Of course, the new and old technologies were initially operated concurrently to facilitate the switchover.


Case study 02

Aschaffenburger Wasserversorgungs GmbH

The water utility supplies approximately 130,000 people with drinking water. It has a fully automated treatment process that treats approximately 25,000 m3 of water on a daily basis.

APE installed ATIS with a client-server system consisting of two redundant servers and several clients. With the integration of ATIS, the water utility is now able to monitor the plant independent of the manufacturer, to perform fault diagnoses, and to log and visualize the information.