Gathering, visualizing, analyzing process data

“Advanced Technical Information System”(ATIS) is a tool for providing an understanding with respect to your process data. Modern, streamlined process data management does not have to be tantamount to a high level of induction effort, interference with existing processes and a high level of investment. ATIS is an economically priced solution for small and medium-sized enterprises: uncomplicated, intuitive and sophisticated. It can easily and quickly be adapted to the respective requirements. ATIS uses a streamlined concept, enabling the user to start straight away without major installation, time or training effort, while being easy on the wallet.

Analyzing & understanding data

Capturing operating, production and machine data is a central element of every industrial process.The sheer volume of data that accumulates in the process constitutes a challenge for anyone in charge of production, frequently leaving them unable to capture the essence. It is, however, crucial that important information is identified specifically and subsequently correlated. Whether process control, energy management or quality control: APE ATIS paves the way from production data to production facts for the user.

Possible applications:

  • Production data acquisition
  • Energy monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Process optimization
  • Reporting and analysis

Systematic Understanding

With APE ATIS you can filter out the relevant information from the flood of data, put it in the right context and emphasize it in meaningful diagrams. This enables you to recognize trends in a flash, identify sources and causes of errors and determine room for improvement.

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