Water / Waste Water

The water treatment industry is involved with the reliable supply of drinking water and the recycling of waste water. Drinking water is a valuable commodity which is subject to rigorous quality demands. APE Engineering realizes projects based on the national and EU guidelines for water supplies and waste water technology. These range from the system integration of hardware to the development of bespoke software.

In the framework of one project, the control technology was upgraded from Siemens S5 to Siemens S7. The successful use of APE’s proprietary simulation and test software combined with proven testing procedures meant that the maximum downtime of four hours was never jeopardized. To achieve maximum possible availability, a redundantly configured system comprising two servers and five clients was used. ProfiNet connects both servers with all the water work’s control elements. The project is maintained centrally. As soon as changes are implemented on the servers, they instantaneously becomes available on all the clients. Should one of the servers go down, the clients automatically failover to the second server. The WinCC computer can be maintained via remote access.

Transparency and data analysis are other important topics. APE ITIS is often used here, e.g. as employed at a medium-sized regional water works. As a result, high speed malfunction diagnostics, system monitoring and operating, simple logging and flexible visualization are all now possible.