Textiles Industry

The textiles industry is involved with the production and processing of textile fibers and is one of the oldest industrial sectors. Historically, the textiles industry represents one of APE Engineering’s core business lines. We are confident in our consulting, automation and software solutions that fulfill the requirements of the trade associations’ norms and DIN Standards Committee for Textiles & Textile Machinery. For example, in the area of textile machinery safety standards or the field of data capture and visualization that makes information processing, and the sensor and process technologies, fit for Industry 4.0.

In this context, for example, inline measuring and control procedures were developed for optimizing synthetic fiber production processes. APE supports the sensor manufacturer and user here by implementing a high performance data capture and communication concept.  APE ATIS is used for visualization and analysis. This intelligent monitoring and visualization solution opens up numerous process optimization opportunities, such as communicating production errors, or sending warnings to individual coworkers on their mobile devices.