Power Generation / Distribution

Power generators and distributors are amongst the country’s most critical infrastructures. They contribute significantly towards Germany’s success as an industrial center. From regenerative energy sources and fossil fuels to the incineration of sewage sludge: controlling these processes is inconceivable without-state of-the-art automation technology. Functional safety and system safety complying with national and European law and standards play a key role here.

APE Engineering helps its customers in this area to implement their projects. In one project we realized, for example, the power consumption data had to be captured at the power station of a regional industrial park via the electricity meters once every quarter of an hour, and the associated data processing and data storage had to be implemented as well. The project involved a Siemens-based server solution which integrated thirty S7-1500 control modules for capturing the meter data. In addition to this, several ancillary systems control units were also designed an implemented with WinCC. All solutions were realized with redundant configurations and RAID systems. To ensure reliable communications, the topology was designed as a network ring and implemented with LWL. The necessary access reliability was implemented using a VLAN.

APE also serves the power sector with technological innovation. Sponsored jointly with the University of Erlangen and regional state of Bavaria,  an algorithm is being developed to globally optimize a sewage sludge incineration plant. This algorithm will optimally tune the parameters of individual stages with one another, and thereby achieve the most energy-efficient process possible. It is also planned for this procedure to be applied to other processes.