Cloud Solutions

While resource scalability is an important factor in planning IT systems, system availability and data security must not be compromised in exchange. For this reason, APE Engineering concerns itself with the benefits and disadvantages of Cloud computing – from the private Cloud on a company’s premises to the hybrid or public Cloud for a larger number of users.

Long gone are the days when Cloud services were simply data repositories in the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, the Cloud supports a gargantuan number of possibilities such as the implementation extremely diverse services, the setup and scaling of computer instances, and database initialization in an instant, to name but a few.  In this way, users can not only operate their own server applications, but also take advantage of the services offered by numerous other suppliers.

In the Internet of Things – which has connected a large number of appliances, sensors etc. up to the Web – Cloud services form the link between the various communication partners. In many cases, the massive data volumes generated can only be handled in this way. Also, combining the data into meaningful results is often most feasible on scalable Cloud servers. Data mining and big data are requisite technologies for exploiting the possibilities to the full.