Machine Safety Guidelines / Risk Assessment

Only if a risk is known can necessary and correct countermeasures be taken. The greatest hazard is failing to recognize a risk and / or to judge it incorrectly (source of error in the risk evaluation). APE offers its customers competent support and the necessary expertise with machine safety guidelines.

Our services:

  • Risk assessments and preparation of supporting documentation
  • Machine safety in accordance with guideline 2006/42/EG (see here)
  • Identification of material changes
  • Assessment of legacy equipment
  • Verification of safety functions (e.g. SISTEMA)
  • Consulting/moderation and studies/expert opinions by expert appraisers

With its expert overview, APE provides for a qualified judgment. In particular, no measure may be allowed to introduce new risks, so every measure is always followed by a reassessment. Constructional measures have precedence over technical ones; and organizational measures cannot serve as a substitute for constructional or technical measures.