IT Security

IT security is a central topic for responsible operations management. Hacks, viruses and the hijacking of corporate data are threats which can easily become a reality for all and sundry. With automated attacks meanwhile able to “sweep” huge numbers of targets in the blink of an eye, protection is no longer a certainty by being “hidden in the crowd”.

Let’s work together to develop a robust security concept! On the one hand, we’ll need to raise staff awareness in the area of appropriate behavior, on the other, to inspect your systems, close loopholes and tighten up your network security. As sensors, actuators and controllers become increasingly networked in the Internet of Things, many issues at the office level have also become relevant at an automation level.

  • Virus protection on Windows-based systems (Visu, SPS …)
  • Access via open network connections, USB ports
  • Patch management (= security) vs. system availability (= performance)
  • Remote control/connection (VPN, Teamviewer, Webinterface), switch configuration

APE Engineering can support you in all aspects of your network security. Our goals are your data security and system availability. Here, we can offer you services to precisely address your unique needs:

  • Identification of the status quo and urgently needed action
  • Awareness-raising in the daily handling and usage of IT (staff workshop)
  • Training for the internal IT personnel (technologies, policies)
  • Simulation, vulnerability analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Regular security audits

Our experts would be glad to assist you with advice and services on your way to a (data-) secure future.