APE advises businesses and people wishing for change in the form of improved technical communication and information-process efficiency.

APE uses tools and methodologies to analyze information processes, define optimization potentials, and develop measures to improve technical communication.

Document potential analysis

A document potential analysis describes the status quo of, and highlights weaknesses in, your product documentation. APE assesses the quality of the document information and draws up a concept for preparing documentation economically and in a legally conformant manner.

Information needs analysis

How should I handle corporate know-how which is not processed by an ERP and/or production systems?

In the information tsunami age, SMEs wishing to remain competitive on the international stage must increasingly address the issue of using the precious resource “knowledge” within their business. In doing so, a balance must always be struck between the cost and benefit of knowledge management. A prerequisite for this is understanding which information needs arise in our customers’ information processes. To this end, we support our customers with an information needs analysis, and also look into which tools can be used in the information process.

Legal requirements

Guidelines, laws and standards influence the demands placed on product documentation and focus on enabling users and operators to work safely with the product.

In unison with its customer, APE provides for a common understanding of the legal requirements which product documentation has to fulfill.

Together, we’ll take your documentation to the next level. Why not contact us for an initial, non-binding consultation?