Social Responsibility

Responsibility for our staff – responsibility in the region

Social commitment

Honesty, appreciation and respect are traits of how we treat people and society. This vision does not stop at our function as an employer or training enterprise. APE Engineering also has serious social commitments with its support of various regional clubs and institutions. An intact social fabric is more than just the basis for good business: it is the foundation for a good life.

APE Engineering currently supports the following institutions on a regular basis:

  • TVG Junioren-Akademie e.V.
  • Kindernothilfe
  • GESTA e.V.
  • Stiftung Behindertenhilfe Miltenberg

Art and culture

As a company, APE Engineering offers artists space for their exhibits in the framework of a cooperative cultural promotion program. In this way, art is integrated into the routine of every-day work and every-day experience. Artists display their works at changing exhibitions at APE, thereby encouraging new perceptive outlooks and mindsets, and inspiring creative impulses. Our recent exhibition shows works of Alice Keller.

Our partner for culture:

  • Agentur Kunststück Sonja Eizenhöfer

Social commitment is important to us. Why not enter into dialog with us?