Board of Directors

The Board of Directors steers APE’s fortunes in a very partner-like leadership style with flat hierarchies. Technologically competent and motivated employees have extensive freedom in their work. Regular, personal and open contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues is seen as a natural prerequisite for successful, partner-like working relationships. Besides technical competence, service orientation is also expected and promoted within the company in every possible way because empathetic recognition of how to manage tasks is one of the key prerequisites for successful collaboration. Moreover, the APE Board of Directors also regards the promotion of quality and environmental awareness as executive priorities, thereby seeing the role model function as its own, undisputed responsibility.

Norbert Reuter

“We live in exciting times with new trends emerging every day!”

Norbert Reuter is an electronics specialist for power systems, electrical and electronics engineer with a focus on process informatics and industrial engineer.

During his career, he has worked at, and in the capacity of, amongst others, Preussag Noell (later Babcock), and Acordis (today ICO) as head of the EMSR department, until joining the APE Board of Directors in 2007.

Since 2012, Norbert Reuter has been a member of the plenary assembly and Industry Committee of the Aschaffenburg Chamber of Industry of Commerce (IHK). He is married and has two sons. During the little spare time he has, he likes to keep fit with sporting activities.